Baby Pillow Dresses

Since we are just on Baby Number One I am still discovering all the amazingly cute things baby related. For those of you that have seen or made pillowcase dresses will understand me when I say…CUTE!

After a rough week at work I came home decidedly needing some creative outlet, much to my husband’s exasperation. He’s been with me long enough to know that “creative outlet” actually means craft bomb gone off in our dinning room.

My little adventure that night started with a freestyle dress before the pillowcase dresses, you know just to warm up. Here’s my experience with baby pillowcase dresses and different websites. As some of you may know there are so many posts on how to make pillowcase dresses, so after a night of reviewing some I narrowed it down to two and here are the results.

Dress number One: Salmon Pink Crinkle Satin with White Ribbon

Baby girl pillowcase dress in salmon pink and white ribbon

The tutorial was absolutely correctly named “easiest pillowcase dress”, cause it is!  I found the instructions simple and easy to follow. I did skip the last step and didn’t sew the ribbon into the dress. So it wasn’t completely necessary and allowed me the option to change out the ribbon. I love matching the little one’s accessories.



Dress number Two: Aztec Inspired Cotton Print with Yellow Ribbon

Baby Pillowcase dress, Aztec inspired print with yellow ribbon

Although most pillowcase dress tutorials are super similar I found this one to have some nice extras with bias tape and pleated bottom (optional).

Baby Pillowcase dress, Aztec inspired print with yellow ribbon


Summary: Although I liked the second tutorial, I loved the simplicity of the first tutorial. I found both dresses to be super cute but the extra time and material used for the second dress was not really necessary. Plus I found the one seam running down the back of the dress kind off-putting. Versus two seams on either side of the top tutorial, so handy if you want to cut a different silhouette, perhaps with a little bit of flare on the bottom.

So although both tutorial is great I would highly recommend the first tutorial. Super easy to understand and the time saved can be used towards accessorizing and styling the dress. I am already envisioning a little pillowcase dress with a lovely lace overlay or bottom trimmed with floral embellishments. Will keep you posted!


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  1. Haha! I think my hubbie can totally relate to yours. Whenever festivities and holidays are around the corner, there is usually glitter everywhere. I was looking through all of the tutorials online and I’m glad you narrowed it down. Especially love the fabric of the second dress.

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