Bumble of Joy!

I belong to an amazing baby group. It started out as a weekly Baby Pre/Post Birthing class at the hospital. The class was great and being new expectant parents we took in information like water in a desert. Fast forward two years and our group is still together. For any expecting mamas out there join or make a baby group as soon as you can! They are lifesavers, plus seeing all the babies grow up together is such a sweet sight. Not to mention with texting, phone calls, email and Facebook you have a group of other families going through pretty much the same thing you are, and as first time parents it’s a great resource. 

Our group keeps getting bigger with more babies getting added to the roster. So when another one of us was almost due to be a mama-to-be the second time we threw her a little baby shower. I know, I know, there is a huge controversial world out there about baby showers after the first baby but I  believe all babies should be celebrated and cherished regardless of birth rank. Plus I am pretty sure all the shampoo, diapers, wipes from the first shower are all used up before the second baby shows up. Forgo the notions about gifts and timing, instead focus on the love and happiness of a new life. 

Since our mama didn’t know the sex of the baby and we were having a another drawn out winter we decided on a bumble bee theme. Perfect for a unisex baby. The colour scheme was yellow and white, with accent colour of light grey and a hint of black. 

We decorated the room with yellow streamer, circle streamers and various banners. I made the circle banner after seeing them done at another party. I knew I kept a box of scrap craft paper for a reason! I used my 1.5 inch circle hold punch and made myself a nice little pile of circles with our colour scheme. Then I just ran them under the sewing machine, joining them as closely as possible. I was pleasantly surprise by how quickly I finished. I started sewing after I gave Baby Girl her dinner and finished before she was done. Much easier and faster than using glue or tape.

Sewn circle streamers

Sewn circle streamers

Sewn circle streamers

Breaking up solid balloon with polka dot ones is great for adding interest without being overly fussy nor breaking the bank with specialty balloons.

Bumble bee baby shower

I do love yellow and grey together, it’s such a beautiful combination.

Bumble bee baby shower banner

Bumble bee baby shower banner

Bumble bee baby shower

Bumble bee baby shower sign

Found the above printables here, so very adorable.

Bumble bee baby shower banner

Bumble bee baby shower banner

Then I found these super versatile ones here, tis the beginning of a beautiful friendship, will be using the templates again and again.

Bumble bee baby shower sign  DSC_0723

Signs and tags from here.

Bees and flowers goes hand in hand so I decorated the drink dispenser with leftover branches, since I only used the floral heads from the teapot party favours, and a large flower. Then scattered large white and cream silk flowers around.

Bumble bee baby shower Bumble bee baby shower

Here’s a bumble bee themed diaper cake I made. A tutorial post will come soon.Bumble bee baby shower diaper cake

Bumble bee baby shower diaper cake

For dessert I bought a plain sheet cake from a store. The colour scheme was so very perfect, I couldn’t pass it up, plus it also meant I was able to sleep in two more hours instead of waking up early to bake. Now everyone that knows me knows I can never leave well enough alone. Everything always has to be tweaked and modified until I drive myself crazy. So of course I couldn’t leave the cake at “its fine”. I added bumble bee toppers by using my 1.5inch circle puncher on this image. Then made two mini cake banners using these, tied them to wood skewers at difference heights, add some yellow ribbons and voila! It turned out so pretty that I might have to decorate pre-made cakes more often. I can’t even remember the last time I bought a store cake but it’s definitely more enticing now. Although it still did take me an hour to print, cut, tape and decorate the cake so… basically I am my own worst enemy. Shrug.

Bumble bee baby shower cake  Bumble bee baby shower cake

Love mini cake banner

We had a wonderful lunch with everyone pitching in. It was so much fun catching up and laughing about all the antics the little ones gets into. A lovely day, for both adults and the little ones. Congrats to Tara again and to any expectant mothers out there!


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