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You read all the time about the nesting stage of pregnant ladies. How they get into this mental state of mind where they just start cleaning, acquiring and re-allocating furnitures to various spaces, basically prepping your ‘nest’ for the new little one. Well I am a crazy furniture mover when I’m not pregnant, so you can only imagine what happens during my ‘nesting stage’. I believe I moved our living room furniture around three times in one week during this phase. Not to mention the time I had to have the old carpet removed and replaced with new flooring in our dinning room. A DIY project I would not recommend to anyone when six months pregnant, even though my husband did most of the work. Basically during my first pregnancy I was ‘nesting all over the place, all day, everyday’, as my husband would say.

However, one place I found calm solace was the nursery. Surprising I know! I think it was because I just had to decorate a nursery. It wasn’t a multi-functioning room, it was just a baby room. It wasn’t for anyone else but me and the baby to like. I didn’t have to please anyone nor make sure it needed to be converted into another space, like a spare room or such. I had so much fun putting it together but I also know I will probably revamp it with each baby. This time around we knew we were having a girl so I wanted something feminine but not in your face, IT’S A GIRL! So I went with a soft palette and light billowy material for curtains and bedding, plus a few splashes of vintage takes here and there.

For the walls I painted it a light grey from the previous guest room beige and then on the far wall I added wall paper. Which I love so much, so beautiful. The pictures don’t do it justice but its this lovely greenish blue background with a bronzy-gold metallic detailed damask motif. The chandelier was one of my other projects, find the details here. Since the room was on the smaller side I used shelving units that are actually designed for bathrooms, with two hooks to hang clothing or towels when I am dressing the baby. The adjustable shelves are the perfect size for all the little baby items without overcrowding the room. A prime example of how everyone should always look for furnitures in various places. Just because it’s in the catalogue featured in the living room doesn’t mean it won’t look wonderful in your dinning room or bathroom.

Baby nursery change table

Baby nursery change table

Baby nursery

White chandelier with gems

White chandelier with gems

For the closet I took off the door and in its place hung some silver silk curtains inside the doorway. Then added some white bows on the tie backs to add some interest. To get the closet to accommodate the various baby clothing items I used different storage ideas. In addition to the shelf and single rod in the closet, I added a secondary rod underneath since baby clothes are a lot smaller, a canvas hanging bag on one side for receiving blankets, leaving the top shelf for shoes and stackable containers for miscellaneous items.

Baby nursery closet

To decorate the wall, I got a bunch of these adorable prints and placed them in simple white frames to match the white crib. 

Baby nursery framed pictures

Baby nursery framed picture

Baby nursery framed picture

I also added a simple vinyl sticker above her bed, the white against the grey walls is so light and pretty.

Baby nursery sweet night vinyl on wall

So far we are all loving the nursery and it provides a great quiet space for us to retreat to with the little one. A place for us to read, snuggle and giggle when we aren’t making a beautiful mess around the house.

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  1. Your little girl’s room is lovely! I always shy away from wallpaper but this makes me rethink that. It looks amazing. Such a great accent wall! What do you think you would have done differently if you had a boy instead?

    • Thank you! Not sure what I would have done with a boy nursery since I change my mind so often, I guess we just have to wait and see next time around 🙂

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