Large Canvas Artwork

I do a little bit of painting on the side and I totally fell in love with this project. Herringbone pattern, check. Gorgeous colours, check. Metallic, check. You can use any combination of colours and metallic paint to match your home decor.

After weeks of taking water colouring classes it was a nice break of being able to have a little bit of unstructured fun. The original tutorial can be found here. The tutorial was done over another painting but I just did mine over the largest blank canvas I could find. If I can do it again though I wish I had done it over a previous painting because I really like how different colours peeks through in the original tutorial. Oh well next time!

Metallic Herringbone Artwork





One thought on “Large Canvas Artwork

  1. This project is gorrrrrgeous! Obsessed with herringbone and I absolutely love how it plays off the geometric print that’s on your white pillows. I want to give this a try, but not sure where to get such large pieces of canvas? Fingers crossed it turns out just as nice!

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