Painted Oyster Shells

Seriously this idea came to me in my sleep, yup when I am deep in party planning mode, it kinda takes over my life, sleep be damned. I usually run on adrenaline until the party is over and then my lovely, sweet family gets a grumpy version of me for a few days while I catch up on sleep. For a Gatsby themed bridal shower, I wanted to present the party favours for the guests with a twist. I was going to give each guest a piece of 1920’s inspired jewelry but I wanted them to be able to choose what suits them, as well as from a beautiful setting. And since Gatsby equals luxury, I thought of oysters, painted gold on a bed of silky sand.

List of Material:

  • Acrylic paint (I used metallic gold)
  • Paint brush
  • Oyster shell 
  • Large pot
  • Scrubbing brush

Step 1: Clean the shells

If you don’t eat an insanely unreasonable amount of oysters, just give your local seafood vendor a call. I called my nearest seafood provider and asked if they can save me a bucket of empty shells and they sweetly obliged.

Rinse and scrub each shell, removing any clinging left-over oyster meat. Put them in a pot and bring to a boil to sanitize and kill off any microbes. Lay them flat on towels and allow to air dry overnight.

Gold painted oyster shells

Step 2: Paint

Paint the interior of the shells, making sure to cover up the edges as closely as possible. Repeat 2-3 layers to get the coverage you want. Alternatively you can create a design, swirls and strips, or use more than one colour.  Lay flat, paint side up and allow to dry overnight. 

Gold painted oyster shells

Gold painted oyster shells

This can be used for so many things, holding presents, placed in frames or as jewellery holders on your vanity. Some of the ladies took the shell with them so they can use it to hold earring and rings.

Gold painted oyster shell

I absolutely love how they turned out for the party.

Gold painted oysters, 1940 party

Gold painted oysters, 1940 party


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