Quick Weekend Project – Exterior Lights

Even though we have lived in our house for five years, we are still in the process of converting it from House to Home. One day… one day, sigh.

One simple project that I can’t believe has taken us this long to do is switching out the exterior lights. First of all, I can’t believe how horrible the conditions of the old lights were. They were dated and basically falling off the walls but the ugliness of the exterior paint really covered this fact, since I was too busy glaring at the colour. (Note to past owners: Pee Yellow is not an okay colour.) But since we spent the entire summer painting the exterior, new lights were in order. Secondly, I was amazed at the huge difference changing the lights made. Not going to lie, I kind of became obsessed with exterior lights for a little while there. Drifting off conversations to stare at house lights can’t be normal. But all is well, I finally decided on the style I wanted and off to the next project we go!

Tip: Try and figure out what style you are going for and don’t be shy to try out several variations before settling. You will be surprise how much these functional accessories can show off your house.

Exterior Light - Three Bulb Lantern Style

Exterior Light - Three Bulb Lantern Style


4 thoughts on “Quick Weekend Project – Exterior Lights

    • Thanks! Took me forever to find the right ones. You can’t really tell in the pictures but these babies are over 1.5 feet tall. Love the bold statement they make.

  1. Love these!! I definitely want to update our exterior lights but it seems so low priority since there is nothing wrong with our current ones…

    • Thank you! I understand completely, as much as I would like to demolish our kitchen right now those pesky priorities gets in my way:).

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