Trick ‘r Treats!

Tis the time to indulge in some miniature candies while re-watching some amazing classic horror movies. Whether you are home all tucked in under a warm blanket with a few friends or all dressed up for a frightening evening, here are three simple tricks to get your night on the right track. Have a fang-tastic night!

1. Mini Jack-O’-Lantern

This is perfect for any Halloween party. Kick the veggie tray up a notch and make these little cuties instead. Pick up a few orange bell peppers and try out your carving skills. Then fill them with assorted veggies for your guests. You can either fill each ‘pumpkin’ with assortment of vegetables if each guest will be getting their own or fill each one with their own individualized filling  to make a tray to share.

Bell Pepper Jack-O'-Lantern

Bell Pepper Jack-O'-Lantern

Bell Pepper Jack-O'-Lantern

2. Ghost Meringue

These are so simple to make with a few ingredients.  You can find the recipe here. Or you can buy plain white meringue cookies from your local bakery. With a few minutes with some black royal icing or edible food marker you can make yourself some boo-tiful cookies.

Meringue Ghosts

Meringue Ghosts

3. Monster Soup

If you are having guests over for a pre- or post- trick r’ treat meal give them a delightful surprise of some spooky soup. You can either make your own soup or get pre-made ones from the store. I went with some home-made pea-split soup. I gotta say when I was making it, I kept thinking of The Exorcist. Prepare the bowls by decorating them with simple baking candy decorations or food safe Halloween decor.






One thought on “Trick ‘r Treats!

  1. Love the hand coming out of the soup! Reminds me of zombies rising from the grave. Do you have a recipe for the pea soup? Love all of the finishing touches!!

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